Study in Australia: A Land First Known for Education and Study

Study in Australia: A Land First Known for Education and Study. As a country, Australia might not be the first place you associate with education and study.

Whilst it attracts the third highest number of international students. Behind the USA and the UK, of any country in the world. Most people don’t choose to study there because of its sun-kissed beaches or warm weather. They do so because they know that Australia has some great universities on offer.

Study in Australia: A Land First Known for Education and Study

Australia is home to over 50 universities from all around the world. Including Oxford University’s Australian campus as well as 11 public universities. Which are spread across eight states and territories. The quality of these institutions ranges between excellent and mediocre. But if you want an internationally recognized qualification at a good price then Australia should be your destination!

Australia’s Education System: Interesting Facts

The Australian education system has been modelled on the British system with suitable local variations. The rigid pre-school education can start as young. As three years old, and compulsory formal schooling starts at age five or six. It varies from state to state. Formal senior secondary school is optional and lasts for two years after completion of primary and secondary schooling.

Study in Australia: Australian National University (ANU)

Australian National University is the first Australian university to make it into the top 10 of Australia’s best universities. The institution was founded in 1946 and has two Nobel laureates and 49 Rhodes scholars among its alumni and current faculty members.  It also ranks as one of the world’s top 100 universities. Coming in at number 6 on QS World University Rankings list for 2016-2017.

The course catalog at Australian Universities

Many people find themselves in the position where they are considering a Bachelor’s degree, but don’t know how to go about it. This is understandable given all of the different options that are available. The good news is that you can complete a Bachelor’s degree in Australia with relative ease if you just keep these steps in mind. In this article we will discuss what each step entails, so let’s get started!

English Proficiency Proof Required in Australia

The Australian government has decided to impose stricter language requirements for all undergraduate and post-graduate courses in the country. All students will be required to provide proof of their English proficiency before they are accepted on a course, by taking a recognised language test.

Study in Australia: A Land First Known for Education and Study

This is due to the fact that most courses are taught in English and those who do not speak this fluently may struggle with academic life in Australia. Furthermore, this will help avoid any possible discrimination against international students as well as discourage them from enrolling into courses which they have no chance of succeeding at.

Study in Australia: Getting a Student Visa

International students who want to study in Australia must first get a Student Visa. These visas last up to five years and are processed online ( They currently cost AUS $575, or US $405 dollars depending on the conversion rate at that time of purchase.”

International Students: How to Apply for a University Course

International students have a lot of questions when it comes to applying for university courses. The application process can be complicated and vary from institution to institution. So international students should check with the chosen university first before applying. The closing dates also vary depending on the course. So make sure you do your research beforehand as well!