France-A Top Study Location: The Land of Culture

France-A Top Study Location: The Land of Culture, Language and Education. France is a top study destination for international students. With close to 300,000 enrolled at its universities.

With its worldwide reputation for investment in teaching. And education France has the perfect cultural environment for studying your desired subject matter.

France-A Top Study Location: The Land of Culture

Whether you want to improve your French language skills or explore the richness of culture on offer. There are diverse opportunities available. The best universities in Europe can be found here and if you’re looking for a place. Where Marie Curie studied many years ago then France will not disappoint!

What is the Difference Between Studying in France and The US?

There are many differences between studying in France and the US. Which students should consider carefully before deciding where to study. The admissions process in the US is highly competitive. However, this isn’t the case for France.  This means class sizes in first year of college are very large and learning is said to be more ‘rote’. At the end of first year of college, universities hold very competitive examinations for only those with a high enough score can continue their studies there.

France-A Top Study Location: The Land of Culture
France-A Top Study Location: The Land of Culture

France-A Top Study Location: The Land of Culture

France is a country well known for its higher education institutions. With over 3500 public and private universities, there is something to suit everyone’s needs.

– Université PSL: Located in Paris 

French Undergraduate Courses for All Interests

There are a wealth of undergraduate courses on offer in French universities. Some of the most popular degree subjects are: 

– Archaeology 

– Classics 

– Ancient History 

– Modern Language (French) 

– Performing Arts (Theatre, Music, Dance) – Philosophy  

– Mathematics   – Accounting and Finance    – Business and Management Studies   – Politics and International Studies   SEO keywords: Popular Courses in France

France’s Tuition Fee 

The French government have announced that from September 2021. Tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students will be higher than they are currently. This means that the annual fees in France will range from €3,000 to €10,500 depending on. What type of course is studied and where it is studied. For permanent residents or citizens of a country in the EEA  Or Switzerland then you are able to study in France for free. What does this mean for international students? It means that if you want to study abroad but not permanently move there. your best bet is to do so before 2020!